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E Beam

Aluminum 99.999%, E-beam/Thermal evaporation pellets, approx 3-6mm, 100g


Luidra eBeam Edge USE Model EB -5


Varian E-beam Deposition Thermal Evaporator Temescal E-Gun NRC 3117


pfeiffer balzers 300w mini e-beam evaporator w/ substrate tilt rotation stage


EBeam Edge + Wireless Whiteboard Presentation 


Airco Temescal CV-14 E-beam power supply electron beam Has tube, cables


ENGAGE by eBeam - Interactive Whiteboard With Wireless Keyboard


Temescal Single Pocket E-Beam Electron Beam Gun w/ Sweep Magnet


Varian 3118 E-beam Evaporator And Thermal Evaporator System


Temescal SCT/BJD 2400 E-Beam Evaporator Thin Film Deposition System


Temescal FC1800 E Beam Evaporator


Chrome e-beam source 99.97%, 2.02in top OD x 1.42in bottom OD x 0.94in thk Tosoh


CHA SE-1000 E-Beam Evaporator Deposition System


eBeam Complete Systems3 EB3-1U Digital USB Whiteboard System


New eBeam system 3 turn your whiteboard into a digital workspace


Airco Temescal SFIH-270-3 Super Source E-Beam Gun - 36 CC Pocket


CHA SEC-1000-RAP Dual Gun E-Beam Evaporator


Luidia eBeam Edge Receiver + Stylus + USB Interactive Learning Whiteboard-- NEW


Telemark Electron E-Beam Gun


Temescal E-Beam Source w/Filiment block #300


Temescal FC-1800 E-Beam Thin Film Evaporator w/1 Gun


Temescal E-Beam Source #29


Temescal E-Beam Source w/Filiment block #301


Temescal FC-1800 E-Beam Thin Film Evaporator with Substrate Heaters


CHA SE-600-RAP Single Pocket E-Beam Evaporator


Edwards/Temescal VES-2550 E-Beam Evaporator 3-Phase 208V CV-6SLX (6024-7110-0)


CHA Center Shield - CHA E-Beam System Shielding


Titanium e-beam/thermal evaporation pieces: 3/8" dia x 3/8", 99.99%


CHA Cross Shield - CHA E-Beam System Shielding


Luidia eBeam Edge EB5-USB w/ Adapter


CHA SE-600 High Vacuum E-Beam Evaporation System


ENGAGE by eBeam - Interactive Whiteboard With Wireless Keyboard - BRAND NEW!


Iron Fe 99.95%, E-beam or thermal evaporation pellets, approx 3-6mm, 50g


CHA Mark 50 E-Beam Shielding - Electron Beam Gun Shield


Luidra eBeam Edge USB


CHA Industries E-Beam Power Tube for Hi-Vac SE-600-RAP Deposition System


C155173 Telemark Replacement Emitter Assembly for E-Beam Source (272 / 259 UHV?)


eBeam Handheld Wireless Keyboard New


Chromium 99.9% pure 30cc e-beam source, 808370-K8-H85, Varian


Tosoh 50700-27-000-300 Cobalt 7cc e-beam source, 99.9% pure


Luidia eBeam Edge Projection Bluetooth Base Unit EB5-BT


CHA SE-1000-RAP Multisource E Beam and Thermal Evaporation System


Temescal BJD-1800 4 Pocket E-Beam Evaporator Upgraded by TES


Luidia eBeam System 3 Classic Digital Whiteboard System Receiver - Used


Luidia eBeam Edge EB5-USB Interactive Whiteboard Capture Tested/Working